Construction Methods


This method is becoming more popular everyday with our clients. The client is able to get "One Stop Shopping" which makes the process of expanding & growing their business a simple solution. Our award winning designers create the vision of the owner that meets the needs of their project. Combining Design and Construction together eliminates confusion, owner management time, while maintaining the budget throughout the project. Simply put, we design and build towards a set budget established by the client. The other major benefit for this methods is when time is the essence for the owner. Generally, this method will reduces the length of the project by 20%.



This traditional method has been staple for Construction for many years. The owner hires their design team to complete construction documents that are later bid out to selected General Contractors.  A&F General Contractors has used this method for several projects.

Cost Plus

The cost plus method is a way for the owner to start a project before the design is complete. A&F General Contractors will offer a transparent approach by reviewing all subcontractor bids and supplier proposal with the owner. We will always begin with a base line budget and focus our effort towards meeting the amount agreed to by both parties. This method reduces the time of completion dramatically.



This method is very similar to the design/build method with the exception of the design team is directly working for the owner and A&F General Contractors is hired by the owner as well. Both the design team and general contractor work hand in hand throughout the project with the architects focusing on our strong background in the design/build method. Our professional team has completed over 18 different CMAR project across Texas in several market segments.


Construction Management

We understand that sometimes the client can benefit from working direct with contractors but need more support on the dynamics of the larger types of projects. A&F General Contractors can assist the owner in construction administration, project management, site supervision, and design coordination. This type od method is generally done with a fixed fee for all services.